In her artistic practice, Niké Dolman (b. NL, 1991) is fascinated by the relationship between man and nature, climate change, and the footprint we are leaving behind on our planet.

She attempts to build a bridge between sustainability and art. She wants to engage people by visually acquainting them with subjects that are difficult to understand but are nevertheless ubiquitous. Her field of interest is the biggest global problem of the moment: climate change.

Dolman tries to teach people in an intuitive way by inviting her audience to enter a photographic world where different aspects of climate change are displayed, sometimes as plain facts, sometimes in a poetic way. She trie to communicate in a stimulating and not condescending manner. Her work is future-oriented because she focuses on the negative changes, but also addresses the positive impact that people could have on this global phenomenon.

Dolman's work is the ideal combination of culture, art and politically relevant issues. People tend to turn a blind eye to climate change, but she is convinced that this subject belongs on the artistic agenda. In addition, she shares her work with large companies that have an impact on the climate and working on their sustainability, and with success. She has contact with CEOs who buy and exhibit her work in their business space, educating people to positively contribute to a better environment.